Day 64

Well…today was interesting.

Last night I was about to go to bed when I check LinkedIn and see that EA has posted a position for QA Tester. I think “hell yes I can do that”, and wrote up a cover letter and resume with Sydney’s help before I go to bed. We resolved that I would sleep on it, proofread it again in the morning and send it off if I were satisfied. Sending it to Mom before going to sleep, I take a 5-hour nap and get up at 10:30.

Morning comes and Mom calls me. She made a bunch of changes and we finally send it off. My next step was gonna be going to the HQ in person hoping to establish contact with someone, but they call me within minutes of receiving my resume and say “hey we notice you’re applying for QA but we’ve got an opening for a fulltime Site Publisher, where you’d distribute content across Facebook, Twitter, and all our associates. We think it fits your skillset better, would you be interested in applying for that?”

Um, hell to the yes I’m interested in that. So I signed an NDA so I can’t go into more detail than that, but I’ve already got a phone interview lined up for the near future and I’m way excited at how quick that was. Less than 24 hours! I might be working in the video game industry really damn soon, and in a field I’ve spent most of my spare time anyway. I’ve been writing blog posts and posting to social networks for years now, I can totally get behind this.

Watched the intro to Course 4 and cycled 20 minutes but who the hell cares, this job thing’s huge. Even if I don’t land it, it showed me that I’ve got something good, something people want to at least get a closer look at before deciding if they want to hire. Big freaking day.

Also pretty proud of this story I wrote on Reddit, doubt it’s going to take off though. I mean it follows the commands of the prompt but fuck it’s pretty damn confusing.

Day 63

And we’re done with Course 4! Tomorrow we move onto Block Breaker and I start getting serious about tying code to HUD elements.

Otherwise, got more familiar with movie making. Turns out OBS (Open Broadcasting software) can only export in flv or mp4, and Sony Vegas can’t take the first and takes the second like utter shit. Luckily Windows Movie Maker takes them fine but I prefer the trick a forumite gave me: Stream any recordings so they’re saved on Twitch, use a free Chrome plugin that downloads videos and download the video in any file format I like. Thumbs up. I’m going to record my next video tomorrow, got to wait for my roommate to go to work so I don’t feel so self-conscious about talking to nobody while playing TF2.

Cheated at the supermarket and drank a small orange juice. Hope that doesn’t have longstanding repercussions towards my ‘no juice or candy’ diet. It’s had great results, my stomach looks visibly flatter and the painters at my nude modeling classes have all mentally dropped me into the next lower weight bracket. Maybe I’ll bike for 30 minutes instead of twenty to make up for it.

Day 61 and 62

Sorry forgot to post yesterday! Today our 1000th article went live on the Daily SPUF, and Medic and I have been scrambling to get everything done on that front.

Here’s our 24-hour checklist we got COMPLETELY done:

*Daily SPUF 1000th article went live, as did my first video, cross-posted to Reddit
*Daily SPUF now has a Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr that all auto-update everytime we post a new article.
*For tomorrow, I’m gonna write a bunch of tweets that link back to previous Daily SPUF articles and autopost every day, maybe twice a day.
* Twitch account touched up, microphones and speakers are all fixed, somehow it took me two months to do that. Now i can voice chat in games and Skype calls!
*and for the hell of it, two completely dumb little videos posted to my youtube account

Big social media push happening, and its just gonna keep on giving 😀 But I still found time to get some Unity done. Yesterday’s video was on randomizing the guesses so it’s not so predictable in its queries, and today was a one-page script letting me download the sample text for what we’ve done so far. I never have counted that before, but with so much else on my plate I’m letting it slide. Tomorrow we finish off Course 4 and move onto Course 5, Block Breaker! We’re getting dangerously close to the level of experience I need to start making marketable Unity games for Facebook/mobile apps.

Day 60

Back in the saddle baby! Rewatched that whole 18-minute video and actually caught a number of errors my old self made. Everything pieces together and I’m feeling motivated again. We’ve got a working game with working UI and AI now, and I’m ready to move ahead with everything in tiptop shape.

Some things I caught myself on: Make sure text elements are within the canvas. Old me created it outside the canvas and got mad I couldn’t see anything. gotta stick it in the visible drop bar if you want to stuff to be visible, ya know. After making changes to MonoDevelop, I had trouble getting the changes to push to Unity, and switching game screens solved that. Also make sure your variables have the exact correct name. Old self couldnt figure out why NextGuess wasn’t working until new self noticed it’s called Nextguess everywhere else in the script.

Day 59

Completed Course 1 of the Multimedia Fusion class, meaning he gave a brief overview of some useful ways to make things happen in various gaming genres. Probably gonna shift back to Unity after this, but tomorrow is video day, I gotta make that Daily SPUF 1000th video. Get that ball rolling.

Today was so messed up timewise. Got like no sleep last night because i knew I had to get up at 6:30 for nude modeling. So eventually I get up for nude modeling and go do that from 8-11, after that I hike out to the CVS from the Art Department and pick up my new hemorrhoid prescription (thanks Keto diet!) and then I take the wrong bus home so I end up 15 minutes walk away. Stagger through the door at 2pm and immediately fell asleep till 7pm. Thats still not a real sleep so I’m thinking I should get more sleep and just wake up tomorrow refreshing my sleep cycle.

Day 58

Today’s video was in neither course, instead it taught me how to use Piskel, which turned out to be an amazingly simple yet useful sprite creator. Cannot recommend enough. Only real hiccup is the highlight function; to use it you need to highlight the desired portion, ctrl-X, move the highlight outline without exiting highlight mode, and then ctrl-C. Bit weird you can’t just drag.

So what did I do with this knowledge? Make this! Yup, this whole thing became a thing today, I spent literally my whole day on it. It’s not complete, missing a few things like the ability to take damage, but it’s very close to being finished. Longest part was making the ability for Emilena to be behind the (for example) tree OR in front of the tree depending on her location. But it works now.

Zombies game

I’m super proud of those ammo counters too

Day 57

Okay, time for some honesty. I know im slacking with the whole unity thing, just watching these easy-as-shit CTF videos that I’m not even going to use. But one thing is, right now I felt motivated to finish a project that I left on the bac burner a really long time ago.

Electra City is 95% there to being a sellable game. Probably not sold for very much, but if it had sound it’d be done. I aim to make it done within the next two days. I need two royalty-free songs (main menu, game screen), and a bunch of fighting sound effects. I’ve located a good site for sound effects but I havent located some royalty-free music I really like. Normally I’d be less picky but come on, it’s two songs.

Watched another CTF video on platformers. Learned nothing. All right, this is a promise: tomorrow I WILL rewatch that fucking 18-minute video and iron out the Unity kinks on Number Wizard UI.

In other news, textbook rush is officially over at the coop. They told me they’d keep me on Tues-Thurs-Sunday schedule, but today they called and said actually they don’t have the funds for that, they’ll be happy to rehire me in August. Don’t really have the money for that, and nude modeling isn’t paying enough to live off, so I’m needing to find a new job and fast.

Day 56

So I watched another CTF2.5 video, this one was on platformers. Knew every damn thing about that shit. I am apparently not as much of a beginner as I thought I was. I should really stop using these to cheat the system and not watch Unity videos. But in all fairness, my job tones down after today and I’m gonna be way more rested. Things change tomorrow. Especially considering I’m starting my nude modeling job from 6-9.