Day 68 con’t

Yeah, I think it’s time to make it official; I’m taking a break from the chain. You could say I’m breaking it. But it’s really a hiatus; and I’m putting a specific deadline just to prove it. February 18th. I get exactly one week to ignore the chain. It’s a good time to do it, what with Brick Breaker starting right now. And there’s one other addendum; not only must I continue posting on this blog every day, I must also made serious legitimate headway on finishing Gamer 2 and/or Electra City so I can publish the two games. Where and how, I dunno. But they’re so close to being done, and they have so much work already put into them, I want them out and finished. I want real games I can point at as evidence that I know what I’m doing. I’m creating streams and publishing videos to the SPUF of Legend (just rerecorded my second video with commentary) and I’ve been super motivated. I’m flying through the content creation phases, its awesome. The 18th is because I legitimately think I could be done with those two games by then. So full steam ahead!

If you want to see my progress making Gamer 2, go check out the videos on my Twitch stream.

Day 67 and 68

Didn’t do yesterday I admit, but in my defense I’d watched seven Blender videos the day before. Today we installed GIMP so we can use it for our future texture-creating adventures. I was gonna be a go-getter and do more but my nude modeling called needing an urgent last minute filler model, and I didn’t feel like turning down 80 bucks.

Also I’ve made a lot of progress on Gamer 1 for no fucking reason! Basically I was looking through my old games trying to find things I might want to finish and publish. Electra City is still languishing in Mute Hell, but Gamer stuck out because the controls I’d added were damn solid. I downgraded the storyline extremely so that the game is over once she leaves the city map, and I’m okay with this because it’s a portfolio-builder, doesn’t need to be long. I streamed myself making some of it on Twitch for funsies, and got an audio silence because I was playing Fallout Boy in the background. Point taken, not doing that again. Also uploaded another video to the SPUF of Legend, just getting content out everywhere. Who needs a girlfriend, right?

I’m hoping to stream again tomorrow, which means I should go to sleep right now.

Day 66

I think it went really well! Really got my points across and gave some concrete examples of times I handled various problems and situations. It worked out really well. I’m going out to Panda Express tomorrow to celebrate.

Today’s video was a shameless plug for the the same instructor’s Blender course, currently on sale for $171 off, aka 24 dollars. And darn them, it worked. I’ve always wanted to know how to model and texture shit, so full steam ahead say I. Blender’s got another plus in its court, seeing as how its freely available on Steam. Anything I can get on Steam gets free points in my book.

Watched the first few videos today, dunno if I’m adding it into the Once-a-day repertoire. That might be a bit much, but you never know. Also watched the recently-released Land Before Time 14: Journey of the Brave, and was pleasantly surprised. Solid sequel-quality-sequel. I predicted that Reba MacIntyre’s character had suffered cranial damage in her backstory and her rambling stories about her idiot sister were projections of herself, somehow I was completely wrong.

Day 64

Well…today was interesting.

Last night I was about to go to bed when I check LinkedIn and see that EA has posted a position for QA Tester. I think “hell yes I can do that”, and wrote up a cover letter and resume with Sydney’s help before I go to bed. We resolved that I would sleep on it, proofread it again in the morning and send it off if I were satisfied. Sending it to Mom before going to sleep, I take a 5-hour nap and get up at 10:30.

Morning comes and Mom calls me. She made a bunch of changes and we finally send it off. My next step was gonna be going to the HQ in person hoping to establish contact with someone, but they call me within minutes of receiving my resume and say “hey we notice you’re applying for QA but we’ve got an opening for a fulltime Site Publisher, where you’d distribute content across Facebook, Twitter, and all our associates. We think it fits your skillset better, would you be interested in applying for that?”

Um, hell to the yes I’m interested in that. So I signed an NDA so I can’t go into more detail than that, but I’ve already got a phone interview lined up for the near future and I’m way excited at how quick that was. Less than 24 hours! I might be working in the video game industry really damn soon, and in a field I’ve spent most of my spare time anyway. I’ve been writing blog posts and posting to social networks for years now, I can totally get behind this.

Watched the intro to Course 4 and cycled 20 minutes but who the hell cares, this job thing’s huge. Even if I don’t land it, it showed me that I’ve got something good, something people want to at least get a closer look at before deciding if they want to hire. Big freaking day.

Also pretty proud of this story I wrote on Reddit, doubt it’s going to take off though. I mean it follows the commands of the prompt but fuck it’s pretty damn confusing.

Day 63

And we’re done with Course 4! Tomorrow we move onto Block Breaker and I start getting serious about tying code to HUD elements.

Otherwise, got more familiar with movie making. Turns out OBS (Open Broadcasting software) can only export in flv or mp4, and Sony Vegas can’t take the first and takes the second like utter shit. Luckily Windows Movie Maker takes them fine but I prefer the trick a forumite gave me: Stream any recordings so they’re saved on Twitch, use a free Chrome plugin that downloads videos and download the video in any file format I like. Thumbs up. I’m going to record my next video tomorrow, got to wait for my roommate to go to work so I don’t feel so self-conscious about talking to nobody while playing TF2.

Cheated at the supermarket and drank a small orange juice. Hope that doesn’t have longstanding repercussions towards my ‘no juice or candy’ diet. It’s had great results, my stomach looks visibly flatter and the painters at my nude modeling classes have all mentally dropped me into the next lower weight bracket. Maybe I’ll bike for 30 minutes instead of twenty to make up for it.

Day 61 and 62

Sorry forgot to post yesterday! Today our 1000th article went live on the Daily SPUF, and Medic and I have been scrambling to get everything done on that front.

Here’s our 24-hour checklist we got COMPLETELY done:

*Daily SPUF 1000th article went live, as did my first video, cross-posted to Reddit
*Daily SPUF now has a Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr that all auto-update everytime we post a new article.
*For tomorrow, I’m gonna write a bunch of tweets that link back to previous Daily SPUF articles and autopost every day, maybe twice a day.
* Twitch account touched up, microphones and speakers are all fixed, somehow it took me two months to do that. Now i can voice chat in games and Skype calls!
*and for the hell of it, two completely dumb little videos posted to my youtube account

Big social media push happening, and its just gonna keep on giving 😀 But I still found time to get some Unity done. Yesterday’s video was on randomizing the guesses so it’s not so predictable in its queries, and today was a one-page script letting me download the sample text for what we’ve done so far. I never have counted that before, but with so much else on my plate I’m letting it slide. Tomorrow we finish off Course 4 and move onto Course 5, Block Breaker! We’re getting dangerously close to the level of experience I need to start making marketable Unity games for Facebook/mobile apps.