Day 64

Well…today was interesting.

Last night I was about to go to bed when I check LinkedIn and see that EA has posted a position for QA Tester. I think “hell yes I can do that”, and wrote up a cover letter and resume with Sydney’s help before I go to bed. We resolved that I would sleep on it, proofread it again in the morning and send it off if I were satisfied. Sending it to Mom before going to sleep, I take a 5-hour nap and get up at 10:30.

Morning comes and Mom calls me. She made a bunch of changes and we finally send it off. My next step was gonna be going to the HQ in person hoping to establish contact with someone, but they call me within minutes of receiving my resume and say “hey we notice you’re applying for QA but we’ve got an opening for a fulltime Site Publisher, where you’d distribute content across Facebook, Twitter, and all our associates. We think it fits your skillset better, would you be interested in applying for that?”

Um, hell to the yes I’m interested in that. So I signed an NDA so I can’t go into more detail than that, but I’ve already got a phone interview lined up for the near future and I’m way excited at how quick that was. Less than 24 hours! I might be working in the video game industry really damn soon, and in a field I’ve spent most of my spare time anyway. I’ve been writing blog posts and posting to social networks for years now, I can totally get behind this.

Watched the intro to Course 4 and cycled 20 minutes but who the hell cares, this job thing’s huge. Even if I don’t land it, it showed me that I’ve got something good, something people want to at least get a closer look at before deciding if they want to hire. Big freaking day.

Also pretty proud of this story I wrote on Reddit, doubt it’s going to take off though. I mean it follows the commands of the prompt but fuck it’s pretty damn confusing.

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