What you should know about me

I hand-write everything before I transcribe it onto the computer.

I know that’s probably unusual in this era of technology but I find I get too distracted when trying to write something on the computer. T challenge myself, I drafted this post on the computer; I stopped and screwed around t least 3 times while writing it and finished in 3 hours. Yeah.

Anyway, this matters because Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are completed in writing, but haven’t been transcribed. Just thought I’d clarify what it means when I say when I’ve written it but can’t post it yet.

Happy May!

How’s May going for all of you! Good? Excellent!

I’m finished with the first episode, (and the second, to be honest) but I’m fine-tuning it. It needs to read better, it’s a bit slow at the moment. But in case I get hit by a bus I’ll make sure to dictate in my will that somebody posts what I’ve got in its entirety, there will be at least 60 minutes of something to read.

Hope you’re all excited about that.