Day 55

Mixed things up a little, I am quite literally super exhausted of Unity and needed a day off. So I watched the first episode of the Clickteam Fusion tutorial course. And to my delight despite the fact that it was 16 minutes long I knew everything in the video. Plus I learned some tricks like how to add sound without having to add Active objects and tie those objects to the conditions. And thank god Im never gonna have to do that again because fuck doing that, its the reason Electra City is silent. Imma go add sounds and music to Electra City and release it on the app store as a real game moddafokkas


Yup, I already know everything that’s happening in this entire game. Great start to the class.

I’m gonna be honest, roflstomping that CTF2.5 video was just the morale boost I needed right now. I’d been feeling a little negative regarding my prospects of becoming a programmer due to the difficulty I’ve had in what I perceive to be the first time the Unity class is actually getting difficult, but reminding myself that I’ve got the mind for this sort of thing (and the fact that I’ve read my posts on Reddit from programmers who admit they’re constantly as confused as I am but rely solely on Google-fu and perseverance to make things work) reminded me that I’m doing fine for the field I’ve chosen. I can do this. And you, dear reader, are going to do it with me. Or at least watch.

Day 54

Internet’s down at the house. As much as I’d love to watch the video on my phone plan and do Unity while ignoring his requests to view the online repository, I think I’m just gonna do 2 videos tomorrow. Work called and asked me super last minute to go in tomorrow morning so I’m okay with this. Internet better be back by tomorrow though…

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Day 52

Whoooeee did I break something. In my defense, this video on touching up the code from the original NumberWizard is eighteen minutes long and never really stops to pull any punches. I followed all his text additions but there were some things scaring me. For one, his original code and mine weren’t exactly the same. Mine was the code from the very end of Number wizard first course; I know because I went back and checked. He was using weird code from somewhere in the middle, and I dunno why but I hope that’s not a problem for me. The first time something just broke was when he managed to tie the “Text” function to a text object so it’ll manipulate the text object into displaying whatever strings we want, and I did all the same stuff but my option to merge the two never arrived. After that I followed his advice good as I could but obviously the end result didn’t go anywhere. Guess I’m rewatching this video tomorrow in an attempt to iron out the kinks.

day 51

Very little to report today. Video was on porting code over from the first game. Now, ther’s a bunch of bugs and stuff but they’re gonna fix it in the next video, so awesome. Personally I didn’t mind the day off, this is the last week of Back to School rush so i got to relax. But I did bike 35 minutes instead of 20 because i just didnt notice the time had flown by.


Day 49 and 50

For the first time since starting this project, I just forgot to make a blog post. Sorry about that. But I did do a video yesterday, honest!

Yesterday we learned how to connect scenes, now I can jump from scene to scene by clicking buttons. Today we expanded on that and created a web that allows me to jump around from frame to frame. We also learned about the importance of a Game design document, which I already know.

And that’s all we’re doing because I’m dog tired. Got up at 7:15am to make an eye appointment, which happily enough says that my vision is now 20/15 (I got lasik done in October). Loving the eyeglasses-free life still, but immediately after that I needed to bus down to work and get my 8 hours in from 11 to 7:30, meaning my day was basically 12.5 hours long. Time to go bike for twenty minutes and then fall asleep…

Day 48

God, I’ve been having the most maddening bug. Halfway through the new video which focuses on adding scripts to switch scenes by clinking on buttons, I get this thing where the buttons just don’t respond. Couldn’t figure out why, they were set correctly but they just didn’t reply, even though they worked last video. I was so confused, nothing had changed why wouldn’t they work? D:

Because I deleted the Event System thinking I’d created it while making an improper Level Manager, which I made as an empty object to attach scripts to. I don’t get why we aren’t attaching the scripts directly to the buttons but presumably there’s a good reason. So the scripts to jump between the Start and Quit screen are live, I can jump from frame to frame like a boss, and we are making progress.

Didn’t get the challenge, but in my defense it required using QuitRequest, something never before alluded to or mentioned. Is there some outside research I’m supposed to be following beyond the videos themselves? I sure hope not, and I feel I’ve got the hang of things even without whatever hypothetical extracurriculars there could be. Also got 3/4 on the quiz, only failing to note that this version of the UI was not available before Unity 4.6.0.

Got my 20 minutes done in style by calling Grandma at the same time. It worked but I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it, it was kinda distracting.


Day 47

And we’re all caught up on videos! I did TWO today to make up for yesterday’s day off. Now we have a bunch of text boxes and we learned how to easily add new elements to the game’s interface, especially the ‘duplicate’ feature which I remember making great use of in Clickteam fusion. I’ve really gotta start that course that teaches CTF to me, I’d love to get back into the swing of that.

Video 2 was the one bout Start buttons, now not only do we have buttons, they change color when highlighted and even when clicked, which means they’re officially more advanced than the start buttons I coded on CTF. Though in hindsight I know how to code buttons like that in CTF if I had to go back and do it. CTF is pretty awesome, can’t recommend enough.

Biked for 30 minutes today without even noticing. That’s getting easier and easier. Man, these new year’s resolutions are just fulla surprises on what you can accomplish if you get something done every day.

Day 46

Yeah, no real excuse here. I slept all day.

I just rewatched that 45-second video from Course 3, I know it did nothing to further my coding career and today was basically the first day off I’ve taken. Instead I started collecting footage for my upcoming video. The Daily SPUF is a mere 15 days away from being at its 1000th article, and Medic and I thought it’d be cool if we had a video, and used that video to springboard both of our budding desires to become video content creators. I’m thinking of adapting my old “On Shooters” series into videos with visuals, but Medic thinks I need ‘something for people to rally behind’. So I might do it on all the fucking Valve trading delays. They’ve put so many damn ways to stop someone from giving something to someone else…

But I’m gonna need a microphone in order to record my voice, so I grabbed one. And threw in a webcam while I was at it. And touched up my Twitch account so it didn’t look like shit. And connected all my Favored games to Twitch’s OBS. I earned my day off all right???????????

Got my 20 minutes of biking done at least >:

Day 45

Damn thing is still there where MonoDevelop autocorrects your code. Guess I’m memorizing the trick where you ctrl-z after it screws things up but it still lets your edited code through.

I watched the next video “How to add a Start button” but I was too tired to actually do the work. Back-to-school-week is kicking my ass, I’ll add the start button tomorrow and then do another video on top (a bloody 13-minute video called “adding text”). Next week’s gonna be just as busy, but after that it’s going to calm down supposedly. So I’m making the bucks right now so I won’t have to later.


Day 44

Back-to-School week is kicking my fucking ass, man. I’m getting more of a workout running around grabbing people’s orders and textbooks than I am from my 20 minutes of daily biking.

But I got the next video done; saving projects and creating and saving scenes. Very simple stuff, you just make new scenes and save them. Also went back and watched the old videos giving advice on installing Unity to make sure I had my settings correct, cause my monodevelop does this annoying thing where it auto-corrects your code to what it thinks you ment and its usually wrong. Found the way to disable that under Tools > Options > General (the one under Text) > uncheck ennable code completion. Maybe I’ll turn it on later if I notice a distinct increase in coding errors, but it never seemed to catch my missing semi-colons or anything of the usual suspects.