Day 46

Yeah, no real excuse here. I slept all day.

I just rewatched that 45-second video from Course 3, I know it did nothing to further my coding career and today was basically the first day off I’ve taken. Instead I started collecting footage for my upcoming video. The Daily SPUF is a mere 15 days away from being at its 1000th article, and Medic and I thought it’d be cool if we had a video, and used that video to springboard both of our budding desires to become video content creators. I’m thinking of adapting my old “On Shooters” series into videos with visuals, but Medic thinks I need ‘something for people to rally behind’. So I might do it on all the fucking Valve trading delays. They’ve put so many damn ways to stop someone from giving something to someone else…

But I’m gonna need a microphone in order to record my voice, so I grabbed one. And threw in a webcam while I was at it. And touched up my Twitch account so it didn’t look like shit. And connected all my Favored games to Twitch’s OBS. I earned my day off all right???????????

Got my 20 minutes of biking done at least >:

Day 45

Damn thing is still there where MonoDevelop autocorrects your code. Guess I’m memorizing the trick where you ctrl-z after it screws things up but it still lets your edited code through.

I watched the next video “How to add a Start button” but I was too tired to actually do the work. Back-to-school-week is kicking my ass, I’ll add the start button tomorrow and then do another video on top (a bloody 13-minute video called “adding text”). Next week’s gonna be just as busy, but after that it’s going to calm down supposedly. So I’m making the bucks right now so I won’t have to later.


Day 44

Back-to-School week is kicking my fucking ass, man. I’m getting more of a workout running around grabbing people’s orders and textbooks than I am from my 20 minutes of daily biking.

But I got the next video done; saving projects and creating and saving scenes. Very simple stuff, you just make new scenes and save them. Also went back and watched the old videos giving advice on installing Unity to make sure I had my settings correct, cause my monodevelop does this annoying thing where it auto-corrects your code to what it thinks you ment and its usually wrong. Found the way to disable that under Tools > Options > General (the one under Text) > uncheck ennable code completion. Maybe I’ll turn it on later if I notice a distinct increase in coding errors, but it never seemed to catch my missing semi-colons or anything of the usual suspects.

Day 43

Here we are on day 43! For those of you keeping score, I’ve completed 15% of the course. Rock on.

Today they explained a little about object-orientation and how it relates to code. Like, a common part of creating objects is to design instances which function as templates. Every time you want a human in your game, you spawn one from a template with the necessary flags active (Spawn human, type=zombie, team=hostile, skin=4 that sort of thing). Right, I can get behind that. Onward and forward.

Also I cycled for 20 minutes. Easy stuff really. It’s Back-to-School week at work so I’m taking it kinda slow.

Day 42

Aw crap, I’ve got to cycle for 20 minutes. Hold on.

…kay. Today’s video, as expected, was content-free. Dudes talked about how we’re going to be adding a user interface to the Number Wizard game so that you’ve got things to look at. That sounds fair enough, I’m excited to continue. Work changed my schedule, now I’m 9:30-6 instead of 11-7:30 which I’m hella down with because it gives me more of a life after work.

Responses to “Find the Cure!” were larger than I expected. analytics reports that almost thirty people clicked through to my game, more than I expected considering the habits of my friends, so I’m considering that a plus.

Day 41

And today’s video is that 0:57 second one saying congrats on finishing Course 3. Of course there’s not much left for Course 3, we published it! It’s live baby!

And, in my particular case, it’s been completely chronicled on the Darwin’s Soldiers Wiki, because I’m a total sucker for encyclopedic writing. Plus the game is like, super short. But I’m still damn proud. This is my first completed video game project, and I’ve already sent it to like, EVERY single circle of friends both on and off the internet. Here it is again, in case you missed it.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re moving on to Course 4; Number Wizard UI. Back to that console-only Guess Who? ripoff, sounds like we’re giving it a little bling. Bring it on.

Also in honor of Martin Luther King day and just general health and fitness, I’m adding a new daily routine to my repertoire; I bought an Exercycle and I’m gonna do 20 minutes of cycling every day. Lemme start taking care of my body as well as my mind.

Find the Cure released!

Game is now live! Didn’t actually fix the black stripe thing, but apparently it doesn’t happen in Firefox/IE, only Opera, and then it didnt happen in Opera when I uploaded the game to so whatever, all glory to the Unity gods for their benevolence.

I uploaded to to avoid that thing where it gets deleted in 30 days, that’s not cool. I want my stuff out there forever. Plus I wanna say maybe I can embed it into this blog post….

Huh. Apparently not! 😀