Find the Cure! source code released

Thought I’d release the source code for this game since when I try to play it on it doesn’t work. I’ll figure out what’s wrong and fix it eventually but for now, you can read this:

Those hoping to play the game can do so here, but I legitimately don’t know if it’s working, and my friends won’t write me back to let me know ;_;

Find the Cure released!

Game is now live! Didn’t actually fix the black stripe thing, but apparently it doesn’t happen in Firefox/IE, only Opera, and then it didnt happen in Opera when I uploaded the game to so whatever, all glory to the Unity gods for their benevolence.

I uploaded to to avoid that thing where it gets deleted in 30 days, that’s not cool. I want my stuff out there forever. Plus I wanna say maybe I can embed it into this blog post….

Huh. Apparently not! 😀

Day 39

Continuing the theme of bizarre bugs, I did what the prof said and uploaded my game to their website. (Link dies in 30 days, that’s lame so I’m gonna upload it here or something but not before I fix the following). However I’m getting this weird bug so I’m holding on releasing it to anyone who isn’t a diehard reader of this blog.


For some reason if the text reaches the 10th line there’s this black bar that partially cuts off the 10th and 11th lines. That really annoys me and I don’t know how to fix it. I reuploaded after resizing the canvas, didn’t fix it. Guess I’m asking the discussion thread. Too bad my query will almost certainly be consumed by the hundreds of “PLAY MY GAEM PL0X” since this video lesson requires posting your game…

Day 38

So I got home from work and for some reason i was feeling inspired. So I wrote twice as much content for the game as originally planned. It’s a full game now, not exactly a super long game, but it meets the requirement for being an actual game, not a demo. And I’m pretty proud of myself cause I had to code the whole darn thing in Unity.

So the game’s done. I know I said it was done yesterday, but that before adding 13 new scenes, more than doubling the amount of content. There are even two different endings!

So tomorrow’s when we keep moving forward and finish the game, since it’s midnight 30 right now and I’ve got work tomorrow. But I don’t have work the two days after that! 😀 (It’s been so nice to abuse the ‘one video per day’ rule with the 00:57 second Course 3 closing video. I’ll be sad when I’m done with Course 3.

Day 37

So I added all the new text for the game, but I hit a completely unrelated snag. My computer restarted itself last night, and while MonoDevelop was completely saved, apparently the game wasn’t and my base game is gone, lol. Easy fix really, just rewatch that earlier video and put the few things back in. But I can’t do it tonight, got work in six hours. Video done for the night, its happening tomorrow. Same time same bat-channel.

Day 36

For an eleven minute video, very little happened today. He dropped the bombshell that (gasp!) he expects us to make more story so that our game doesn’t consist of literally a single puzzle. To that effect I have mapped out one more problem for our intrepid Traveller to solve before he may find the cure:

Find the Cure flow chart 2

The rest of the video was streamlining the code, which I mostly did before the video even happened. He taught some tricks for testing your code, but I knew them well after Oedipus in my Inventory and Electra City. 

Looks like tomorrow’s assignment is to make said flowchart into content. I can handle that, not even turning over a new leaf. All his video does is the same,. we can watch him put his code together. In that case Im going to bed early, maybe I can wake up and get said video done before work and enjoy the night.

Day 33

All problems fixed! Ultimately I decided to stick with the Darwin’s Soldiers plot. Even if it turns out the Unity version is more of a demo than anything else, it’s better than having a hamfisted plot I don’t care about.

Speaking of which, today and tomorrow I’ve been putting together the story, and it should be done by tomorrow. I’ve got the roadmap laid out, and to prevent any possible hype from building here it is:

Find the Cure flow chart

So you gotta divide your game into stages, and each stage need to lead to another stage. In the Twine edition of this game, more plot will happen after you escape the first room, aka you can go find the cure and turn on the bridge. But we’re making progress! 😀