No, I’m not Dead.

I just can’t figure out how to make a video showcasing the first level.

I have actually been working on Gamer 2, I swear, and I’ve finished a decent chunk of the city level (to tie in with the story leaving off with Hailey in a city.) I just can’t get FRAPS to recognize the game as the primary window, and I’m used to FRAPSing everything. I’m working with learning Livestream, if I can get that you can expect a video on the next week. (Ha!)

But for now, here are some screenshots of what will be in that video:

Hailey 1 Hailey 2 Hailey 3

Everything you see is ready to play; everyone is fully animated and gameplay is (while currently simplistic) functional. The game just needs to be a bit longer, methinks.