Gamer 2 released!

I started Gamer 2 in October 2013, and have worked on it on and off for almost four years. It’s by far the longest-lasting unfinished project in my retinue, and I’m really pleased to announce the game is now live! God willing there’ll be an in-browser version soon, but for now you can download it from and play the culmination of MrDrake’s short story Gamer!

new title.png

This was supposed to come out on September 15th, the 8-year anniversary of Darwin’s Soldiers, but debugging necessitated delays.

Happy 4th of July!

Two cool things for you today, I finally put together a video of some gameplay from Gamer 2. I haven’t touched this project in months, but as you can see the skeleton pieces are all present.


Note that you don’t get the shooty balls for this level, I just wanted to showcase it at the end 😉

One other fun thing for y’all, a short story I wrote as part of a writing challenge for a workshop, where we were supposed to pick a throwaway background character from something else we’d written and write a 1-page flashfic giving them some backstory. I got this character by hitting “Random Page” on the Darwin’s Soldiers Wiki until I hit a character made by me.

Fun fact: Serris was invited to do this challenge as well. I look forward to seeing if he participates, and if so what character he writes about. 😛

No, I’m not Dead.

I just can’t figure out how to make a video showcasing the first level.

I have actually been working on Gamer 2, I swear, and I’ve finished a decent chunk of the city level (to tie in with the story leaving off with Hailey in a city.) I just can’t get FRAPS to recognize the game as the primary window, and I’m used to FRAPSing everything. I’m working with learning Livestream, if I can get that you can expect a video on the next week. (Ha!)

But for now, here are some screenshots of what will be in that video:

Hailey 1 Hailey 2 Hailey 3

Everything you see is ready to play; everyone is fully animated and gameplay is (while currently simplistic) functional. The game just needs to be a bit longer, methinks.

Announcing development of Gamer 2

So, that was a fun run with Chasing Seconds. Next on the agenda, video games!

We’re back to Multimedia Fusion 2, because I’ve made a number of small games on it, and have gotten quite good with it. Finally, I think my skills have reached a point I can create something worth releasing to the public.

The game I’m working on now is called Gamer 2, and is designed to be a sequel to the unfinished short story written by MrDrake. Hailey is trapped in a video game and hopes to escape. That is a sufficiently simple plot that I can focus on game mechanics instead of worrying about storyline.

From the last teaser image, you can probably guess it’s going to be a platformer. I’ve got a working prototype of a tutorial level, and I’ll FRAPS you guys a short video showcasing the completed mechanics soon. Exciting times up ahead!