Day 73

Today we made a brick in GIMP, but fuck GIMP I read the comments and bitches used so im using for the following reasons:

  1. fuck gimp
  2. also fuck gimp

See you next video.


So today I called tech support so they could walk me through installation of my new parts (I was gonna try to install my new fan myself and immediately smeared the thermal paste. Fucking boss technician right there) and they put me on hold for 4 hours. Then after four hours, they were closed. So thanks for that guys. And of course tomorrow’s sunday, and tech support doesn’t open till monday, so yippikiyay i get to be desktop-less for another 48 hours. I’m so frustrated by my inability to do all my shit, its really hard to keep my tone level. But can’t be helped. I’ll let y’all know once i have a working desktop so i can run programs more intensive thanĀ Payday the Heist.

Happy April

We’re getting things back on board. I happily took March off. I was juggling too many things. I still am, but many of them are wrapping up and I’m getting better at juggling my time. Today I had a large list of 8 things that needed to happen and I’m scrambling to get them all done. Also I didn’t get a dream job at Bioware so suddenly this becomes my lifeline for feeling like a real game developer

And another thing happened that’s been keeping me from my work in more ways that just this one:



My computer fan just arrived today, so I plan on rectifying that problem ASAP. Can’t well do too much until then, however.