Multimedia Fusion 2

I just made a quick game using the demo of Multimedia Fusion 2 for a class and OH MY GOD IS IT EASY.

It’s incredible how easy MM2 is. I used to play MM1 for hours when I was young, made hundreds of little games, so maybe I’m biased because everything quickly came back to me. But it was nice, the feeling of the game just flowing and forming into being with no setbacks.

I definitely hope to make a game using MM2 at some point for this blog.

Oh the Gears, they are a-changin…

Hey every nobody! You remember the tons of video games I cranked out using this blog? Neither do I!

Well, I somehow still passed all relevant classes. And this quarter, I’m doing television writing. So I’m writing a miniseries. About Darwin’s Soldiers. (well, to be honest I’m writing two versions; one that excises all Darwin’s Soldiers aspects and will be used for actual jobgetting, and a version that I actually want to write.)

Seem confusing? Wait till you read the miniseries! It’s got time travel!

And you’ll probably be reading it once a week; my goal is to get an episode out once a week. It’ll take place after the events in the role-plays, and star the offspring of several main characters. They’ll have their own little odyssey to go through, which is tied to yet separate from that of their parents.

Expect the pilot to be posted in the next few days.