Chasing Seconds is out!

Here we go, finally! I’ve had a bit of a busy life recently, but I’ve finally finished the project that’s taken oh so long. All six episodes of Chasing Seconds are completed and, in the spirit of the Netflix system which made Arrested Development and House of Cards so enjoyable, I’m releasing all six of them at the same time. Download them now, only on!

Episode 1 – Pilot
Episode 2 – Breaking Up
Episode 3 – Under-Covered
Episode 4 – The Man Who Was An Island
Episode 5 – Signs of the Father
Episode 6 – The Meaning of Love

Origins – I originally wrote a flashback to each of the main character’s childhoods, intending to make each one an intro to a middle episode. However, they didn’t integrate into the episode plots very well, so in the end only Junior’s made the cut. However I liked the insights they brought into the protagonists’ upbringing, so here they are as a bit of a bonus.

Now just because I’ve finished my first big project, doesn’t mean I’m done with this blog. I’ve got another project I’ve been toying with, wildly different from anything I’ve done before. Here‘s a sneak peek 🙂

See you all soon with more updates!

Hold the Phone

Well, the first episode was written and ready to publish….UNTIL Serris (finally) began the epilogue of the Disruptive Selection RP. And his vision of cybernetic enhancements doesn’t match my scripts at all so I have to revise them. I could ignore them, but its a cool idea and I want to incorporate it.

This is warning me I should delay posting the epilogue until these changes are sorted out and I’m sure it won’t be throwing me any more curveballs. So stay tuned! Next few days, probably!

But to tide you over until then, here’s a proper epilogue for Shelton, who was just unceremoniously killed off screen in the RP epilogue. Also serves as a minor taster for the mini-series, as Florence is a main character.

What you should know about me

I hand-write everything before I transcribe it onto the computer.

I know that’s probably unusual in this era of technology but I find I get too distracted when trying to write something on the computer. T challenge myself, I drafted this post on the computer; I stopped and screwed around t least 3 times while writing it and finished in 3 hours. Yeah.

Anyway, this matters because Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are completed in writing, but haven’t been transcribed. Just thought I’d clarify what it means when I say when I’ve written it but can’t post it yet.

Happy May!

How’s May going for all of you! Good? Excellent!

I’m finished with the first episode, (and the second, to be honest) but I’m fine-tuning it. It needs to read better, it’s a bit slow at the moment. But in case I get hit by a bus I’ll make sure to dictate in my will that somebody posts what I’ve got in its entirety, there will be at least 60 minutes of something to read.

Hope you’re all excited about that.

Oh the Gears, they are a-changin…

Hey every nobody! You remember the tons of video games I cranked out using this blog? Neither do I!

Well, I somehow still passed all relevant classes. And this quarter, I’m doing television writing. So I’m writing a miniseries. About Darwin’s Soldiers. (well, to be honest I’m writing two versions; one that excises all Darwin’s Soldiers aspects and will be used for actual jobgetting, and a version that I actually want to write.)

Seem confusing? Wait till you read the miniseries! It’s got time travel!

And you’ll probably be reading it once a week; my goal is to get an episode out once a week. It’ll take place after the events in the role-plays, and star the offspring of several main characters. They’ll have their own little odyssey to go through, which is tied to yet separate from that of their parents.

Expect the pilot to be posted in the next few days.