Announcing development of Gamer 2

So, that was a fun run with Chasing Seconds. Next on the agenda, video games!

We’re back to Multimedia Fusion 2, because I’ve made a number of small games on it, and have gotten quite good with it. Finally, I think my skills have reached a point I can create something worth releasing to the public.

The game I’m working on now is called Gamer 2, and is designed to be a sequel to the unfinished short story written by MrDrake. Hailey is trapped in a video game and hopes to escape. That is a sufficiently simple plot that I can focus on game mechanics instead of worrying about storyline.

From the last teaser image, you can probably guess it’s going to be a platformer. I’ve got a working prototype of a tutorial level, and I’ll FRAPS you guys a short video showcasing the completed mechanics soon. Exciting times up ahead!

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