New Unity game!

Now that I’m going into a Master’s Program for game design, I better work on that Unity program again. I finished and wrapped up a new game, playable here, where you can challenge Hantan the Math Druid to a duel of numbers!

Hantan title card 2.png

It was really really hard to get this thing to work. I had three different versions of Unity and two versions of WebGL installed before I managed to get it to work correctly, but now that it’s successfully published, it was all worth it. Also, I updated Find the Cure so it works with WebGL, no more browser problems where nothing supports Unity3D.

Day 61 and 62

Sorry forgot to post yesterday! Today our 1000th article went live on the Daily SPUF, and Medic and I have been scrambling to get everything done on that front.

Here’s our 24-hour checklist we got COMPLETELY done:

*Daily SPUF 1000th article went live, as did my first video, cross-posted to Reddit
*Daily SPUF now has a Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr that all auto-update everytime we post a new article.
*For tomorrow, I’m gonna write a bunch of tweets that link back to previous Daily SPUF articles and autopost every day, maybe twice a day.
* Twitch account touched up, microphones and speakers are all fixed, somehow it took me two months to do that. Now i can voice chat in games and Skype calls!
*and for the hell of it, two completely dumb little videos posted to my youtube account

Big social media push happening, and its just gonna keep on giving 😀 But I still found time to get some Unity done. Yesterday’s video was on randomizing the guesses so it’s not so predictable in its queries, and today was a one-page script letting me download the sample text for what we’ve done so far. I never have counted that before, but with so much else on my plate I’m letting it slide. Tomorrow we finish off Course 4 and move onto Course 5, Block Breaker! We’re getting dangerously close to the level of experience I need to start making marketable Unity games for Facebook/mobile apps.

Day 39

Continuing the theme of bizarre bugs, I did what the prof said and uploaded my game to their website. (Link dies in 30 days, that’s lame so I’m gonna upload it here or something but not before I fix the following). However I’m getting this weird bug so I’m holding on releasing it to anyone who isn’t a diehard reader of this blog.


For some reason if the text reaches the 10th line there’s this black bar that partially cuts off the 10th and 11th lines. That really annoys me and I don’t know how to fix it. I reuploaded after resizing the canvas, didn’t fix it. Guess I’m asking the discussion thread. Too bad my query will almost certainly be consumed by the hundreds of “PLAY MY GAEM PL0X” since this video lesson requires posting your game…