Day 36

For an eleven minute video, very little happened today. He dropped the bombshell that (gasp!) he expects us to make more story so that our game doesn’t consist of literally a single puzzle. To that effect I have mapped out one more problem for our intrepid Traveller to solve before he may find the cure:

Find the Cure flow chart 2

The rest of the video was streamlining the code, which I mostly did before the video even happened. He taught some tricks for testing your code, but I knew them well after Oedipus in my Inventory and Electra City. 

Looks like tomorrow’s assignment is to make said flowchart into content. I can handle that, not even turning over a new leaf. All his video does is the same,. we can watch him put his code together. In that case Im going to bed early, maybe I can wake up and get said video done before work and enjoy the night.

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