Day 33

All problems fixed! Ultimately I decided to stick with the Darwin’s Soldiers plot. Even if it turns out the Unity version is more of a demo than anything else, it’s better than having a hamfisted plot I don’t care about.

Speaking of which, today and tomorrow I’ve been putting together the story, and it should be done by tomorrow. I’ve got the roadmap laid out, and to prevent any possible hype from building here it is:

Find the Cure flow chart

So you gotta divide your game into stages, and each stage need to lead to another stage. In the Twine edition of this game, more plot will happen after you escape the first room, aka you can go find the cure and turn on the bridge. But we’re making progress! ūüėÄ

Day 32

enums are kinda fucking me up. Every time I post what we wanted, it works fine, but he’s asking us to do a unique storyline, and whenever I make any changes it breaks. Dunno why, his says “You see a mirror. Press M to view the Mirror”, and mine says “You see a clipboard. Press C to read the clipboard” but clipboard.exe just doesn’t work. ūüė¶

I’m not rolling my data back again (I’ve come too far) but I’m gonna get up early tomorrow and try to fix the problems so my game works like his. So looks like one more day on Video 31. Last one, I promise.

Also in an attempt to get to know the project better, I watched the wrap-up. I just wanted to see what sort of style the game was in its final stage. I guess I was expecting more of a game with inventory puzzles and all but it’s really more of a Choose Your Own Adventure with static ‘rooms’, and use of inventory puzzles are actually just jumping to different rooms called ‘this room but when you use this inventory item’. That makes coding a wee bit more complicated methinks. But maybe I’ll stick with that, I never liked inventory puzzles anyway and part of my goal was to make Find the Cure! a huge backstory-releasing lore-building experiment for the Darwin’s Soldiers universe. Food for thought.

For what its worth, I wasnt completely useless today. Wrote 3 articles for the Daily SPUF, redownloaded FRAPS, now I’ve just gotta redownload Sony Vegas and Photoshop and I can start back on that whole dream of making videos. While I’m at it, I should sync all my favorite games to Twitch so I can stream while I play. I mean, why not? It’s just me playing, but with the chance for people to watch me. Plus if something badass happens I can keep a record of it.

Day 31

All right, today’s video completed the text-based adventure game’s story, and presumably sets us up for being done with the game as a whole. Sadly, I merely watched the video but did not follow along in my game because I am dog tired from work this week. Pulled all 40 hours off in four days because Spring quarter’s starting and they said anyone who wants can arrive early every day of the week. But now they said I can’t come back to work because I’d cross the gap into overtime, lol, so I get the rest of the week off. So I’m gonna rewatch the video tomorrow and actually do all the things and then make real progress moving forward in the course once I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep.

And the other reason is I’m gonna have to massively truncate the story. Because as I learn more about how this game is gonna work, I realize that an actually ambitiously-sized text-based adventure game would crumble under the labyrinthine options the game would give. This game is using a “Press X to do thing”-style game and instead of real inventory options, it’s using different chunks of code to represent “the player currently has these inventory items. That means a mere 2 rooms and 2 inventory items would spawn eight different chunks of code, and it’s snowball exponentially from there. So Darwin’s Soldiers Find the Cure!¬†is being shunted into a google doc where I can eventually push it forward into a normal text-based adventure-game-making program like Twine, and I’ll make some unrelated but significantly smaller Find the Cure! for this course.

Day 30

Ignore that last post; There’s not enough space¬†to post honking huge paragraphs into Unity so I had to keep the intro¬†short in-game. I’ll go back later once it’s complete and integrate that backstory into the text adventure. But yeah, that’s gonna be the plot to the text adventure. Set in the¬†Darwin’s Soldiers¬†universe, not that you need to know that because you literally just read the entire backstory to the game. (But if you’d like to read more of the lore, Card of Ten -> Ground One¬†-> Chasing Seconds is the story progression you’d need to understand everything.) The game is told from anti-matter Earth’s perspective and takes place after Ground One.

The first half of today’s video was almost entirely taken up by learning how to truncate lines so you can read your code without having to scroll left or right. Seems kinda pointless but I bet I won’t think that in the future so I’m taking his¬†word for it and learning how.

Rest of the video was spent creating more text. Sadly I don’t have the space to view all my text currently but I bet we’re gonna fix that later so I’m leaving it as is.

Starting it up

IT’S HAPPENING!!!11!! ;D ¬†:’D ¬†D: ¬†XD

Update: Crap I realized how to make paragraphs, just use new print functions, one after the other. Derrrr. That is NOT how you do it, he covered it in the video. Just add /n to your content to line break.

Find the Cure!

When the Travellers emerged from the glowing portal, they seemed a blessing. As they explained it, they were humans from a parallel Earth; scientists, no less. And while they were not capable of replicating the power source that fueled their portal bridge, their intellect brought about a number of scientific marvels and technological wonders. They integrated into society, bore children, and died a few years later.

Decades of peace passed, and then their children all died as young adults. Then anyone who’d met them died. And it soon became clear that the scientists had brought a very dangerous disease with them through the portal. A sickness they’d no doubt been escaping. Named the Time Plague, as it inevitably killed its victims exactly 25 years after contracting it, the otherwise asymptomatic epidemic ravaged the world’s population, and it’s now likely the world will be barren and lifeless within two years.

But there’s one hope. Using the remaining fuel from the original Travellers’ shuttlecraft, your team was able to reactivate their portal bridge for a precious few seconds. Only you jumped through in time, and as you spin through a swirling vortex headed to an unknown dimension, you knew you had two simple tasks: Find a way to fuel the portal bridge for a return trip, and find the cure to the Time Plague.

Day 29


I made this image before actually re-attempting the video. Let’s hope it’s not foreshadowing of things to come.

Five minutes in: Third of the way done with the video. We’ve added text, colored said text and changed the color of the camera. So far so good.

Eight minutes in: Goddammit. Same problem. He does something in the video to make the variable turn blue but it’s mouse-related so I don’t know what. He adds the line ‘using UnityEngine.UI;’ and then clicks on the word Text and then the word just fucking turns blue…

Update: Found someone in the discussions that has the same problem, everyone tells him not to worry about it and just plow ahead ignoring that the text isn’t blue. Then fuck it that’s what I’m jolly well going to do. Too bad my game’s full of broken scripts and shit now and I’ve got to delete everything and start over to get right of a bunch of listeners or something.

Five minutes in again: Same place. Amazing. Third time really is the charm.

Eight minutes in again: “There are two audio listeners in the scene.” Google says that means I’ve got two cameras. Dunno where the fuck I got those but I tried to follow a yahoo answers post that said: “Click the “Main Camera” from “Hierarchy” panel and remove tick from “Audio listener” component from “Inspector” panel.” But those options dont seem to exist. Even better, I’m the only person to ever have that problem because i searched the entirety of the class’ forum and NOBODY reported that bug before. Guess I’ve got a thread to make.

Otherwise everything works. I think I learned a valuable lesson about not being anal about every infinitesimal detail but I’m not ready to give up on that paranoia just yet; I’m not a real programmer yet but I know¬†what laziness and complacency can do to destroy everything you’ve built. But for now I’m going to sleep…

Day 28

Not much to say; I redid Lecture 28 today (Creating and Saving Projects) and it went off without a hitch to nobody’s surprise because it went off without a hitch last time. It’s tomorrow’s video with the darn 15-minute coding extravaganza complete with variables that won’t turn blue where things went rocky last time. Fingers crossed.

Lame output, I know, but I started work back up again today, meaning I’ve been answering phones, processing returns and charging credit cards for 7 hours after having to wake up at the impossibly-early wee hours of 11am. So I’m kinda dragging my feet recuperating from being thrust back into the life of a societally-functioning adult. But progress is progress and I’ve run out of BS videos to keep me from having to do the real one.

Day 27

Welp, I did what I threatened to do and restarted Project 3. Completely clean slate, I just could not solve that damn bug. I did all the bug testing crap they said to do but it wasn’t enough. So we’re starting over. I rewatched the first video, I’ll watch the second and (fingers crossed) third tomorrow, once I’ve recalibrated everything hopefully the problem is solved.

Yeah, I’m bummed too. Plus I start work tomorrow, so this isn’t going to get any easier.

Day 26

Defs only one video today lads, but blimey it was 15 minutes long!

Created our first script for the new game, and also dabbled for the first time with the user interface. Created a text box and assigned it to the script, and I followed all the rules he followed in the video and the damn variable won’t turn blue. I’ve tried everything, including reinstalling crap. Now technically the code still works perfectly but god I know that’s gonna come back and bite me in the ass at some point, so I won’t continue. I finished the video so I can check off my day but tomorrow no doubt is just gonna be completely restarting in the hopes of troubleshooting this problem.

Seriously what’s wrong with this code? Mine:




Yeah I’m probably¬†gonna just delete everything and restart the video again tomorrow. So stay tuned for the same goddamn thing in my next post. I’m going to sleep.

Day 25! Happy New Year!

Man, once again, I really let this blog down. Haven’t posted on it since last year.

But this year is starting off with a bang because we’re making a text-based adventure game! Hell yeah! Using nothing but inventory puzzles and text, we’re going to tell a simple story about a prisoner escaping from a cell. Exciting!

I’m not interested in using their plot either; I’m going bold. I’m telling my OWN plot. I also read through all the design documents, of which there were multiple, so I’m counting that as my second video. Cleaning day here at the house, I’m doing all the dishes and lugging the recycling out to the curb.

UPDATE: I lied, I kept going! Created the new project, ignored the part where I’m supposed to download a title card named ‘Prison’ (got my own instead from this helpful site) and now we’re ready to start making this game. Im super jazzed about making a text-based adventure game, they’re one of my favorite genres, so I’m moving faster than usual)