Day 29


I made this image before actually re-attempting the video. Let’s hope it’s not foreshadowing of things to come.

Five minutes in: Third of the way done with the video. We’ve added text, colored said text and changed the color of the camera. So far so good.

Eight minutes in: Goddammit. Same problem. He does something in the video to make the variable turn blue but it’s mouse-related so I don’t know what. He adds the line ‘using UnityEngine.UI;’ and then clicks on the word Text and then the word just fucking turns blue…

Update: Found someone in the discussions that has the same problem, everyone tells him not to worry about it and just plow ahead ignoring that the text isn’t blue. Then fuck it that’s what I’m jolly well going to do. Too bad my game’s full of broken scripts and shit now and I’ve got to delete everything and start over to get right of a bunch of listeners or something.

Five minutes in again: Same place. Amazing. Third time really is the charm.

Eight minutes in again: “There are two audio listeners in the scene.” Google says that means I’ve got two cameras. Dunno where the fuck I got those but I tried to follow a yahoo answers post that said: “Click the “Main Camera” from “Hierarchy” panel and remove tick from “Audio listener” component from “Inspector” panel.” But those options dont seem to exist. Even better, I’m the only person to ever have that problem because i searched the entirety of the class’ forum and NOBODY reported that bug before. Guess I’ve got a thread to make.

Otherwise everything works. I think I learned a valuable lesson about not being anal about every infinitesimal detail but I’m not ready to give up on that paranoia just yet; I’m not a real programmer yet but I know what laziness and complacency can do to destroy everything you’ve built. But for now I’m going to sleep…

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