Day 31

All right, today’s video completed the text-based adventure game’s story, and presumably sets us up for being done with the game as a whole. Sadly, I merely watched the video but did not follow along in my game because I am dog tired from work this week. Pulled all 40 hours off in four days because Spring quarter’s starting and they said anyone who wants can arrive early every day of the week. But now they said I can’t come back to work because I’d cross the gap into overtime, lol, so I get the rest of the week off. So I’m gonna rewatch the video tomorrow and actually do all the things and then make real progress moving forward in the course once I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep.

And the other reason is I’m gonna have to massively truncate the story. Because as I learn more about how this game is gonna work, I realize that an actually ambitiously-sized text-based adventure game would crumble under the labyrinthine options the game would give. This game is using a “Press X to do thing”-style game and instead of real inventory options, it’s using different chunks of code to represent “the player currently has these inventory items. That means a mere 2 rooms and 2 inventory items would spawn eight different chunks of code, and it’s snowball exponentially from there. So Darwin’s Soldiers Find the Cure! is being shunted into a google doc where I can eventually push it forward into a normal text-based adventure-game-making program like Twine, and I’ll make some unrelated but significantly smaller Find the Cure! for this course.

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