Day 26

Defs only one video today lads, but blimey it was 15 minutes long!

Created our first script for the new game, and also dabbled for the first time with the user interface. Created a text box and assigned it to the script, and I followed all the rules he followed in the video and the damn variable won’t turn blue. I’ve tried everything, including reinstalling crap. Now technically the code still works perfectly but god I know that’s gonna come back and bite me in the ass at some point, so I won’t continue. I finished the video so I can check off my day but tomorrow no doubt is just gonna be completely restarting in the hopes of troubleshooting this problem.

Seriously what’s wrong with this code? Mine:




Yeah I’m probably¬†gonna just delete everything and restart the video again tomorrow. So stay tuned for the same goddamn thing in my next post. I’m going to sleep.

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