Day 49 and 50

For the first time since starting this project, I just forgot to make a blog post. Sorry about that. But I did do a video yesterday, honest!

Yesterday we learned how to connect scenes, now I can jump from scene to scene by clicking buttons. Today we expanded on that and created a web that allows me to jump around from frame to frame. We also learned about the importance of a Game design document, which I already know.

And that’s all we’re doing because I’m dog tired. Got up at 7:15am to make an eye appointment, which happily enough says that my vision is now 20/15 (I got lasik done in October). Loving the eyeglasses-free life still, but immediately after that I needed to bus down to work and get my 8 hours in from 11 to 7:30, meaning my day was basically 12.5 hours long. Time to go bike for twenty minutes and then fall asleep…

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