Day 48

God, I’ve been having the most maddening bug. Halfway through the new video which focuses on adding scripts to switch scenes by clinking on buttons, I get this thing where the buttons just don’t respond. Couldn’t figure out why, they were set correctly but they just didn’t reply, even though they worked last video. I was so confused, nothing had changed why wouldn’t they work? D:

Because I deleted the Event System thinking I’d created it while making an improper Level Manager, which I made as an empty object to attach scripts to. I don’t get why we aren’t attaching the scripts directly to the buttons but presumably there’s a good reason. So the scripts to jump between the Start and Quit screen are live, I can jump from frame to frame like a boss, and we are making progress.

Didn’t get the challenge, but in my defense it required using QuitRequest, something never before alluded to or mentioned. Is there some outside research I’m supposed to be following beyond the videos themselves? I sure hope not, and I feel I’ve got the hang of things even without whatever hypothetical extracurriculars there could be. Also got 3/4 on the quiz, only failing to note that this version of the UI was not available before Unity 4.6.0.

Got my 20 minutes done in style by calling Grandma at the same time. It worked but I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it, it was kinda distracting.


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