Day 47

And we’re all caught up on videos! I did TWO today to make up for yesterday’s day off. Now we have a bunch of text boxes and we learned how to easily add new elements to the game’s interface, especially the ‘duplicate’ feature which I remember making great use of in Clickteam fusion. I’ve really gotta start that course that teaches CTF to me, I’d love to get back into the swing of that.

Video 2 was the one bout Start buttons, now not only do we have buttons, they change color when highlighted and even when clicked, which means they’re officially more advanced than the start buttons I coded on CTF. Though in hindsight I know how to code buttons like that in CTF if I had to go back and do it. CTF is pretty awesome, can’t recommend enough.

Biked for 30 minutes today without even noticing. That’s getting easier and easier. Man, these new year’s resolutions are just fulla surprises on what you can accomplish if you get something done every day.

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