Day 52

Whoooeee did I break something. In my defense, this video on touching up the code from the original NumberWizard is eighteen minutes long and never really stops to pull any punches. I followed all his text additions but there were some things scaring me. For one, his original code and mine weren’t exactly the same. Mine was the code from the very end of Number wizard first course; I know because I went back and checked. He was using weird code from somewhere in the middle, and I dunno why but I hope that’s not a problem for me. The first time something just broke was when he managed to tie the “Text” function to a text object so it’ll manipulate the text object into displaying whatever strings we want, and I did all the same stuff but my option to merge the two never arrived. After that I followed his advice good as I could but obviously the end result didn’t go anywhere. Guess I’m rewatching this video tomorrow in an attempt to iron out the kinks.

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