Day 55

Mixed things up a little, I am quite literally super exhausted of Unity and needed a day off. So I watched the first episode of the Clickteam Fusion tutorial course. And to my delight despite the fact that it was 16 minutes long I knew everything in the video. Plus I learned some tricks like how to add sound without having to add Active objects and tie those objects to the conditions. And thank god Im never gonna have to do that again because fuck doing that, its the reason Electra City is silent. Imma go add sounds and music to Electra City and release it on the app store as a real game moddafokkas


Yup, I already know everything that’s happening in this entire game. Great start to the class.

I’m gonna be honest, roflstomping that CTF2.5 video was just the morale boost I needed right now. I’d been feeling a little negative regarding my prospects of becoming a programmer due to the difficulty I’ve had in what I perceive to be the first time the Unity class is actually getting difficult, but reminding myself that I’ve got the mind for this sort of thing (and the fact that I’ve read my posts on Reddit from programmers who admit they’re constantly as confused as I am but rely solely on Google-fu and perseverance to make things work) reminded me that I’m doing fine for the field I’ve chosen. I can do this. And you, dear reader, are going to do it with me. Or at least watch.

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