Day 63

And we’re done with Course 4! Tomorrow we move onto Block Breaker and I start getting serious about tying code to HUD elements.

Otherwise, got more familiar with movie making. Turns out OBS (Open Broadcasting software) can only export in flv or mp4, and Sony Vegas can’t take the first and takes the second like utter shit. Luckily Windows Movie Maker takes them fine but I prefer the trick a forumite gave me: Stream any recordings so they’re saved on Twitch, use a free Chrome plugin that downloads videos and download the video in any file format I like. Thumbs up. I’m going to record my next video tomorrow, got to wait for my roommate to go to work so I don’t feel so self-conscious about talking to nobody while playing TF2.

Cheated at the supermarket and drank a small orange juice. Hope that doesn’t have longstanding repercussions towards my ‘no juice or candy’ diet. It’s had great results, my stomach looks visibly flatter and the painters at my nude modeling classes have all mentally dropped me into the next lower weight bracket. Maybe I’ll bike for 30 minutes instead of twenty to make up for it.

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