Day 59

Completed Course 1 of the Multimedia Fusion class, meaning he gave a brief overview of some useful ways to make things happen in various gaming genres. Probably gonna shift back to Unity after this, but tomorrow is video day, I gotta make that Daily SPUF 1000th video. Get that ball rolling.

Today was so messed up timewise. Got like no sleep last night because i knew I had to get up at 6:30 for nude modeling. So eventually I get up for nude modeling and go do that from 8-11, after that I hike out to the CVS from the Art Department and pick up my new hemorrhoid prescription (thanks Keto diet!) and then I take the wrong bus home so I end up 15 minutes walk away. Stagger through the door at 2pm and immediately fell asleep till 7pm. Thats still not a real sleep so I’m thinking I should get more sleep and just wake up tomorrow refreshing my sleep cycle.

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