Day 58

Today’s video was in neither course, instead it taught me how to use Piskel, which turned out to be an amazingly simple yet useful sprite creator. Cannot recommend enough. Only real hiccup is the highlight function; to use it you need to highlight the desired portion, ctrl-X, move the highlight outline without exiting highlight mode, and then ctrl-C. Bit weird you can’t just drag.

So what did I do with this knowledge? Make this! Yup, this whole thing became a thing today, I spent literally my whole day on it. It’s not complete, missing a few things like the ability to take damage, but it’s very close to being finished. Longest part was making the ability for Emilena to be behind the (for example) tree OR in front of the tree depending on her location. But it works now.

Zombies game

I’m super proud of those ammo counters too

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