New Story!

Dashed this out in a few days, a full-length story starring ROSS that takes place between his debut in Disruptive Selection and his first message to Shelton in the fishing town.

In case you have to guess, this was originally going to be a video game but ultimately I decided to write it in story form to take a break from all the quests I’ve been writing for Legends of Equestria.


Following the Family Business

Now announcing a new Darwin’s Soldiers work that isn’t mine! “Following the Family Business” is a new story that will be uploaded by nick22 sometime in the future on the Gang of Five. He’s permitted me to leak a teaser trailer of the upcoming story:

The morning sun broke into the windows as Micah sat at the table.  the eldest of the three Landon kids, Micah  was, like his father, geared towards the medical profession, although he dealt with cancers, rather than internal injuries like his father. He looked at the morning paper as his younger sister Zya, who was the youngest of the three came in. Zya was a stellar athlete and had excelled in basketball at school. “morning sis’ Micah said. Morning Micah’ Zya said’ mom and dad at work again huh. Donald, his younger brother, soon entered from upstairs. All 3 had their mother’s dark hair and dark skin color, Donald and Micah were tall, like their father. Donald had played football in high school, and was playing it in college as well. . A note left on the fridge was a reminder from their mother Zyanya that they had to go over to Aishas to watch her three kids-,Susie Puxx and Aidan, who were the kids of Aisha with her lesbian lovers Roux and Nixx, who once was a rival to their mother. Puxx took more after his mother Roux with the vulpine fur, and magical abilities while Aidan and Susie looked like normal humans- on the outside. The kids were still quite young, as nixx , Aisha and Roux had only had them within the last 5 years. ‘ so when do we have to leave for Aishas? Donald asked as he poured a bowl of ‘ Secret Plots’ cereal, which included ‘ glowing alien’ marshmallows and ‘ secret file’ pieces. ‘ I can’t believe you actually like that garbage’ Zya said as she looked at the box ‘ its basically sugar drenched on top of sugar, and sugar tossed in for good measure.’  Donad ignored her as Micah answered the question. We have to be over there by nine, bro, which means we have to leave in 15 minutes if we want to get there on time. And zya, I saw you sneak a bag of brownios’ Micah said. ’so don’t go picking on Donald.. that’s my job, I’m the oldest after all. ‘ By two whole years.’ Yeah I know. ‘ Zya rolled her eyes. Micah was 21, Donald 19 and Zya 17.  The three got along well enough, for their parents quickly put a stop to any serious squabble. ‘zyanya opened the door to the house and headed inside ‘ everyone up and eating? good. I need to drive you over there so I have time to go get my nails done and then get your father at the clinic.. aisha is paying the three of you very nicely. 50 an hour, each is a lot of money.. you should thank her if you see her.
– Sure thing mom ‘ Micah said as he pulled a couple pop-tarts out of the toaster.’ One question I have mom. If Aisha is a lesbian, how can she have a son?” Zya asked. ‘ well dear, advances in genetics can take any of piece of dna- such as hair= and it can be converted and usable in making biological kids. And then of course, roux has magical abilities as well, so she can do things with magic that don’t happen naturally. Of course, I don’t want to hear about any disparaging remarks about Aisha, Roux, Nixx or the kids. Do I make myself clear?’ mom, you fought against Nixx fir many many years. You two hated each other..” zya began but Zyanya cut her off.  ‘ well that was then, this is now. We have become real good friends since your father married me and Nixx married Aisha and Roux. Now enough questions. We need to get moving. Donald finish your cereal and lets go. The cars is idling waiting for us to get in..

Failed Project Showcase

A lot of video game ideas have rolled down the ole hickory trunk on this blog, and to date none have reached the illustrious perch of completion. (All my attempts at written-word projects have though!) Every serious video game attempt has reached chronicling on this blog somewhere, however, except one. So I thought I’d acknowledge its existence so it didn’t feel left out.

Reaching both genesis and cancellation shortly after the AGS project, Seska Donitz was going to be a project starring the titular character, a daughter of (believe it or not) Werner Donitz and Seska on Gaman’s moon. Taking place like 50 years or so after the events of Ship of State, it would follow her life on the merged colony of Verner as she attempts to recover the pieces of the Einstein-Rosen bridge and open it to Earth. Sounded RPG-ey enough, and I was trying out RPG Maker so it seemed a fair starting point. Unfortunately, I got as far as the character creator and got fed up with the incredibly low levels of customization. You could barely adjust anything, at least from what I could tell, and I didn’t even see a way to upload custom sprites. So it never got beyond trying to create the titular character, who also looked nothing like I imagined her.

Pictured: Literally the complete output of my attempts to make something in RPG Maker.

Pictured: Literally the complete output of my attempts to make a game in RPG Maker.

Now the only thing I loved about this project was the story. It’s got a great story behind it, and while nobody else liked the Gaman series, I’ve always wanted to jump back in and give it something that felt like an ending. If I ever revive this project, though, it will most assuredly happen in Multimedia Fusion 2, since I recently learned about ctrl-K which lets you add layers (for example, a HUD) which can operate independently of the camera. So this one may see a revival some day. You never know.

Chasing Seconds is out!

Here we go, finally! I’ve had a bit of a busy life recently, but I’ve finally finished the project that’s taken oh so long. All six episodes of Chasing Seconds are completed and, in the spirit of the Netflix system which made Arrested Development and House of Cards so enjoyable, I’m releasing all six of them at the same time. Download them now, only on!

Episode 1 – Pilot
Episode 2 – Breaking Up
Episode 3 – Under-Covered
Episode 4 – The Man Who Was An Island
Episode 5 – Signs of the Father
Episode 6 – The Meaning of Love

Origins – I originally wrote a flashback to each of the main character’s childhoods, intending to make each one an intro to a middle episode. However, they didn’t integrate into the episode plots very well, so in the end only Junior’s made the cut. However I liked the insights they brought into the protagonists’ upbringing, so here they are as a bit of a bonus.

Now just because I’ve finished my first big project, doesn’t mean I’m done with this blog. I’ve got another project I’ve been toying with, wildly different from anything I’ve done before. Here‘s a sneak peek 🙂

See you all soon with more updates!

Hold the Phone

Well, the first episode was written and ready to publish….UNTIL Serris (finally) began the epilogue of the Disruptive Selection RP. And his vision of cybernetic enhancements doesn’t match my scripts at all so I have to revise them. I could ignore them, but its a cool idea and I want to incorporate it.

This is warning me I should delay posting the epilogue until these changes are sorted out and I’m sure it won’t be throwing me any more curveballs. So stay tuned! Next few days, probably!

But to tide you over until then, here’s a proper epilogue for Shelton, who was just unceremoniously killed off screen in the RP epilogue. Also serves as a minor taster for the mini-series, as Florence is a main character.

Oh the Gears, they are a-changin…

Hey every nobody! You remember the tons of video games I cranked out using this blog? Neither do I!

Well, I somehow still passed all relevant classes. And this quarter, I’m doing television writing. So I’m writing a miniseries. About Darwin’s Soldiers. (well, to be honest I’m writing two versions; one that excises all Darwin’s Soldiers aspects and will be used for actual jobgetting, and a version that I actually want to write.)

Seem confusing? Wait till you read the miniseries! It’s got time travel!

And you’ll probably be reading it once a week; my goal is to get an episode out once a week. It’ll take place after the events in the role-plays, and star the offspring of several main characters. They’ll have their own little odyssey to go through, which is tied to yet separate from that of their parents.

Expect the pilot to be posted in the next few days.

A Prerequisite qualifier

Since I’ve now linked to the Darwin’s Soldiers Wiki, some of you may actually click said link and follow through to its contents. Perhaps you may then proceed to read some of the stories I have written in this universe, and notice that they contain anthropomorphic animals. I feel the need to qualify.

I am not a ‘furry’, I joined the original Darwin’s Soldiers role-play as a 17-year old science fiction fan new to the internet, who read the premise about “scientists in a base attacked by terrorists are forced to fight for their lives” and thought this sounded awesome. My only character I’ve played for six years, Dr. Rudyard Shelton, is human, and most of my other characters either do not have their species specified or get a species mention in only the most ancillary of fashion (for example: “Paul, a rabbit, proceeds to do only human things with hand and fingers and never mention his species again for the duration of his appearances in the role-play”). This is because my attention is on the character’s personalities and actions, and just like I couldn’t care less about the color of their skin, I likewise put little stock into species.

The whole thing is a bit of a self-inflicted sore point for me; why did I put so much effort into a furry role-play if I myself do not care about furries? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask my 17-year old self. But I have, and my only real course of action is to ignore that aspect of Darwin’s Soldiers in my games. Characters who appear on screen will be human, and scenarios will be picked that minimize the plot holes that this could crop up (When I get to RPG Maker, for example, I plan to set it on Gaman, a planet I designed to be explicitly human-only.) In its current incarnation, there will only be five characters in this AGS game, and I find it believable that 5 AI could somehow all choose to have human monikers.

I’m sure that if anyone ever digs into Darwin’s Soldiers, I will have to field this question again, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to address it on my own terms before the time comes.

The Main Character

For the purpose of the video game, there is very little you need to know about ROSS, The protagonist of this still-unnamed video game. He escaped his prior lodgings, which are insinuated to be rather unpleasant, and now travels the Internet as a fugitive program. The first thing he’ll do is break into a secure server by impersonating a human being, his specialty at his former lodgings. (For all zero of you interested in the actual canon, this takes place between Drake’s demonstration at New Peenemunde and ROSS meeting Shelton at that fishing town).

I’m not going crazy on the personality, as this is my first game, and AI have always struck me as more straightforward in their emotions (if you could call them that) than organic beings. ROSS will be hesitant to trust others and a pretty straightforward ‘loner’ type who learns to trust others…if ‘Memento’ taught me anything its that you need a really simple premise if you plan on changing the world in any unrecognizable way. admittedly my changes to the world order aren’t nearly as big as Nolan’s, but I’m playing it safe for my first game. For a class I read a ‘comic’ book recently called “Meanwhile” by Jason Shiga, and while I enjoyed it a fair amount of the class didn’t get it, and I think it’s because his plot (which involved time travel and mind reading and a machine that can kill everyone on the planet) was just as confusing and complicated as his narrative structure, and people need something to grasp onto to anchor them in the world. Since I barely understand how the world of the video game works, I’m making that the variable and keeping story (something I understand) anchorable.

Hello world!

Hello reader!
I am a Literature major at the University of California, but I’m now breaking into Computer Science with some beginner courses. I plan to use this blog to keep updated on my progress towards my quarter goal: completing a Javascript video game.

A decent amount of you probably started chuckling. A small order, I know, but I have no previous coding experience, so I’m starting small. My video game will be based off of Darwin’s Soldiers, something that started years ago as a simple online play-by-post roleplay, but has since grown into so much more.

At the moment, I plan to make a turn-based strategy style game where you play a worker trapped in a military base that gets attacked by terrorists at the start of the game. You’ll choose your profession (scientist, guard, etc.) and collect up to 4 teammates at a time from surviving personnel.