A Good Shepherd Knows His King

Whoo, been a while since I posted on this ole thing, hasn’t it? What on Earth could aabicus have been up to?

Well, I recently made the jump from “literally doesn’t even count as a game dev” to “arguably a professional in the loosest sense of the word” because I’ve been hired to program a game in Multimedia Fusion! Or Clickteam Fusion as they’ve rebranded it. It’s gonna have art and music by other people, my job is simply to take their assets and bid them up into something playable. So while I wait for that project to start I’ve been coding* a proof of concept game and it’s pretty far along!

*all real programmers should scoff derisively right here

I’m not sure what aspects of it I’ll be allowed to release but I have been given permission to show some screenshots:


Even if I’m never allowed to release the game, it’s taught me a lot about what MMF2.5 can do, and I plan on incorporating all of it into my next project. Also, I feel bad because my first update post in almost a year didn’t provide you guys with any new content so here’s a game I made in under two hours as part of a workshop where we all tried to make a full game in under an hour. I kinda lost track of time.



Happy 5th of July!

As these holiday greetings grow ever further from the actual day it happened, I thought I’d just jump in and do some archiving. Truth be told I got scared when The Catacombs, the greatest Team Fortress Classic forum on the internet, got deleted and its data sold to some anonymous ad mining company. What if that were to happen to the majority of the Darwin’s Soldiers stories on the web? Well, to belay that tragedy I’ve uploaded every original document containing stories, role-plays, and other people’s stories I saved for further reading. Just go check out all these attached documents if you so fancy.

Ship of State · Darwin’s Soldiers v.2 in full · Card of Ten · pavlov’s checkmate · nietzsche’s soldiers · nietzsche’s soldiers 3; super men · Nietzsche’s Soldiers 2 · Darwin’s Soldiers (complete) · darwin’s soldiers;Zero hour · Darwin’s Soldiers;Schroedinger’s Prisoners · darwin’s soldiers;aftermath · darwin’s soldiers; fools gold · Darwin’s Soldiers; Gamer · Geneses · darwin’s soldiers; ground one darwin’s soldiers; new divide Darwin’s Soldiers; Survival of the Fittestdarwins-soldiers-disruptive-selection · the Disease · Next of Kin

Note that I didn’t go through these with a fine-toothed comb; they’re full of typos and things I changed later, so they aren’t exactly correct. The ones currently readable on the Gang of Five are better, cleaner and considered the canonical versions of what went down. But in case those ever go down, we’ll always have these. And if you’re absolutely insane you could even glean a bit of whatever creative processes I went through in writing them, they’ve still got notes and everything wherever those go.

The only documents currently missing are Kinsey’s Mimic (because Serris is still writing it) and Disruptive Selection, because it’s so %$#@%^&%#@ing long. Some day in the future I’ll go ahead and finish archiving that doorstopper, at the moment my younger self reached Aimee receiving a phone call in a Platanna hotel, and I’m not even sure where that took place in the thread.

Update 2/16/2017: I finally did it! Some guy on reddit made a thing for me that let me download Disruptive Selection in all twelve-hundred pages of its glory! Learn more on the blogpost from that day.

Update 4/17/2019: Since this is the only blog post whose name I ever remember when looking for these old copies, gonna keep archive copies of the Into the Black RPs and The Approaching Light here. Most of these RPs are incomplete, since the franchise hasn’t had nearly as consistent a history as Darwin’s Soldiers, but it’s better than nothing if the GoF ever goes down permanently.

Scorched Earth · Into the Black · Racing the Storm (epilogue) · After the Storm · Around the Folf · Blanking the Slate (epilogue)