Day 67 and 68

Didn’t do yesterday I admit, but in my defense I’d watched seven Blender videos the day before. Today we installed GIMP so we can use it for our future texture-creating adventures. I was gonna be a go-getter and do more but my nude modeling called needing an urgent last minute filler model, and I didn’t feel like turning down 80 bucks.

Also I’ve made a lot of progress on Gamer 1 for no fucking reason! Basically I was looking through my old games trying to find things I might want to finish and publish. Electra City is still languishing in Mute Hell, but Gamer stuck out because the controls I’d added were damn solid. I downgraded the storyline extremely so that the game is over once she leaves the city map, and I’m okay with this because it’s a portfolio-builder, doesn’t need to be long. I streamed myself making some of it on Twitch for funsies, and got an audio silence because I was playing Fallout Boy in the background. Point taken, not doing that again. Also uploaded another video to the SPUF of Legend, just getting content out everywhere. Who needs a girlfriend, right?

I’m hoping to stream again tomorrow, which means I should go to sleep right now.

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