Day 66

I think it went really well! Really got my points across and gave some concrete examples of times I handled various problems and situations. It worked out really well. I’m going out to Panda Express tomorrow to celebrate.

Today’s video was a shameless plug for the the same instructor’s Blender course, currently on sale for $171 off, aka 24 dollars. And darn them, it worked. I’ve always wanted to know how to model and texture shit, so full steam ahead say I. Blender’s got another plus in its court, seeing as how its freely available on Steam. Anything I can get on Steam gets free points in my book.

Watched the first few videos today, dunno if I’m adding it into the Once-a-day repertoire. That might be a bit much, but you never know. Also watched the recently-released Land Before Time 14: Journey of the Brave, and was pleasantly surprised. Solid sequel-quality-sequel. I predicted that Reba MacIntyre’s character had suffered cranial damage in her backstory and her rambling stories about her idiot sister were projections of herself, somehow I was completely wrong.

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