eSports: Let’s Get Down to Business

I’ve enrolled in an eSports business course! For posterity, part of the class involves creating professional-looking forum posts in the discussion threads, and I’d rather have mine saved somewhere when they inevitably shut the threads down after the source concludes in 6 weeks. Here’s my post for the first week, the introductory phase:

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been a game developer for 7 years now, mostly working in either content creation (quest writing, sprite art, voice acting), content oversight (editing, implementation) or marketing (social media managing, convention attendance, tournament organization). As you maybe can guess, that third category is what brought me here Very Happy 

I got my first experience organizing gaming tournaments recreationally for the Team Fortress 2 Steam Forums, and transferred from TF2 to Overwatch when it was released in 2016. for a few months I shoutcasted Overwatch for a competitive team before I got too busy with obtaining my Master’s degree in Game Design from UC Santa Cruz. While in school, I worked as a marketer for several multiplayer student projects, and I would run Twitch tournaments to promote the titles. 

You can see my full gaming-related portfolio here if you like. It’s great seeing how many of you are from mainstream sports production, since I don’t have any connections in that industry and I’d love to fix that with this course. Recreationally, my favorite eSports to watch are CS:GO and Overwatch, and the Overwatch League in particular I consider the most exciting thing to happen in the history of eSports. It’s crazy to think people are watching it on Disney, ABC, and ESPN! 

Outside of eSports, my hobbies are releasing weekly gaming videos on YouTube and writing articles on the gaming news sites The Daily SPUF and I also have an page where I post my solo game projects. 

Last thing, anyone who wants to connect on LinkedIn, please don’t hesitate to send me an invitation! Just mention in the note that we’re both attending SMWW Smile

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