Day 23 – Back on Track

For day 23 I finished catching myself up with the Series. My Number Wizard looks just like his and I playtested it the whole way through, catching bugs and missing a lot of semi-colons. But now we’re on target! I’ll be watching a new video tomorrow.

Since this is a pretty paltry blog post, I thought I’d address a throwaway question my brother had. In order to test my new iOS exporter for Clickteam Fusion I ported Oedipus in my Inventory to Mac and sent it to him to play. He thought it was cute but didn’t get the ‘Content Art’ joke in the gag Collector’s Edition page (click the staff on the main menu to see it).

Well, the ‘joke’is simply that I stole (with minor recoloring) the main character from an old shitty game I made while teaching myself about platforming elements. It’s called ‘Hector’s Odyssey” and if for whatever reason you wanted to see where the shepherd came from, here you go. Sorry I can’t give you the Mac versions, they’re at home on my parent’s desktop and they didn’t have sound anyway.

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