Day 7

Today we went over the Unity menus and learned where everything was. Since he was on a Mac and I’m on PC it wasn’t so much “where everything was” as much as “the existence of stuff you might want to know about, good luck finding it.” First thing I did was change the shade color of the playmode tint to fuchsia because I love fuchsia way too much.

We also created our first project! And by ‘created’ I literally mean the act of making it an existing thing even without any content or features. Basically the same level of creation I’ve reached on almost every video game on this blog 😛 We also learned about the ‘modes’, ways of toggling what your cursor can interact with.

Since it seems we’re starting to get real important contenty stuff, Imma take this opportunity before things get real to describe the learning process I’m using. I didn’t know this method extended beyond myself, but when I mentioned to my roommate that I was doing a video a day (complete with a calendar that I got to mark a big X through each day), he described something he saw on Game Grumps called “Don’t break the chain“. Apparently invented by Jerry Seinfeld of all people, it encapsulates exactly my thought processes on forcing myself to learn Unity. I highly recommend it.

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